About Me

_L_Ana Raecke by Hanno Polomsky_Stuttgart_769_kl

It took a long time until it drew me to the mountains. I grew up in beautiful Venezuela on the Caribbean coast before we moved to Germany and lived in different cities – but always in the lowlands.  It was not until 2006 that I had my first experience on a mountain bike.

In 2007 I bought my first full suspension mountain bike and started to go to bike parks and learn the basics of mountain biking.

One year later I bought my first downhill bike and participated at some downhill races for fun. In 2009 I wanted to know if it’s worthwhile to keep racing or whether I should just ride for fun. When I won the overall ranking of the IXS Rookies Cup I decided to stick with downhill! 2011 was my first year in the licence class.

What I like so much about racing is that you have to study the tracks and overcome fears. I love to learn and grow, but most of all it simply makes so much fun. Riding bikes changed my life completely and now there’s no way I could live without it.

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