Become a “PROPAIN Friend”!


With several testing weekends, PROPAIN gives you the opportunity to try your desired bike in bike parks throughout Germany before you order it online. Now PROPAIN has come up with a new idea which is great for people who already have one of their bikes, and for potential new customers alike.

PROPAIN Friends:

If you already own a PROPAIN bike, you can enroll in the program so that customers who live nearby have the opportunity¬†see your bike and find out whether it’s the right size, and get a feel for the bike’s geometry. You decide if the customer can ride around the block and you can tell him how you get along with your bike and the service.

What’s in it for you?

– Get a PROPAIN Friends T-Shirt and sticker pack
– get points in a special bonus system for a successful viewing
– special offers from the PROPAIN Bikes Outlet
– special events for “PROPAIN Friends” only (e. g. invitations to bike launches, bike-camps, raffles, “Best-Friend” campaign)

More than 100 PROPAIN riders have enrolled in this program and have given more than 50 potential customers the opportunity to test a bike – with numbers growing. Be part of the family!

For more info check out the website or facebook company page.


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