IXS EDC Leogang

Oh it’s so late already! Leogang is more than a week ago. It was a great race on a super sunny weekend. The track has changed a lot and has become much, much faster! This year the world champs will take place in Leogang, so the European Cup was rather a mini world championship. 30 elite women riders registered for this race out of which 20 are world cup riders! I’ll keep things short as I don’t have much time now and tomorrow I’m heading to the next race, the 2nd stop of the IXS German DH Cup in Steinach (in Austria, isn’t that funny..?).

My seeding run was quite good, everything went well but I realised that I was much faster than in training which scared me a bit and I pulled the brakes many times. I finished my run with 5.08 mins and a 22nd place which was satisfactory. For the final I wanted to do everything just like in my seeding run, but brake less and pedal more at the long flat sections. And so I did. Unfortunately, in the first half of the track I missed my line and got somewhat off the track. So I had to get to a halt pull my bike back on track and continue, which made me lose a lot of time. Oh that was so unnecessary! In general I was faster than in my seeding run, only one second slower than the day before in the first first half despite my little “journey off the track” and in the second half of the track I managed to ride 7 seconds faster. I ended up on the 24th place with 5.00 mins.

It was a great ride on a great track with beautiful weather and world-class riders. Everything I could hope for! 🙂

breakfast in the sunshine

my fork lost oil.. thanks for the service!


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