German Championship

Foto: Hanno Polomsky

I’m back from the German Championship in Bad Wildbad! It was a great weekend, and except from Friday, the weather was good, too.
In short: My seeding run was very good but still not as fast as I wanted it to be, as I expected the track and roots to be slippery. By the time I did my seeding run the track had dried out and I wasn’t really used to ride faster than I had done before, so I was cautious. I finished my seeding with 5:07,  which was 9 seconds behind Liz Schwemmer but faster than the entire Free Women class. This proves once again it was the right step to go from free class to elite. For the final, my goal was to finish clearly below 5 minutes and get as close as possible to Liz or even beat her time. Unfortunately, I had a crash towards the end of the track, after I had passed almost all rooty and technical sections, and when I tried to get back on the bike and pedal, I hadn’t recollected myself and slipped and crashed again 10 meters further up the track. As this was all towards the end of the section in the woods, I was afraid Liz could be right behind me since I had lost so much time. My only aim now was not to let her get me. I ended up with 5:15. But with so many injuries and broken bones amongst the riders during the entire weekend, I’m happy I’m safe and sound.


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