IXS Dirt Masters 2010

I love Winterberg. Don’t know if it was the timing, or simply the fact that hundreds and thousands of mountainbikers and the mtb industry would meet to celebrate their sport, present their products and have a great time – but the weather was incredible. Sunshine every day! I know the wind is a bit sketchy in Winterberg, there were quite a few crashes on the slopestyle due to the windy conditions.

We got there on Thursday evening and started the trip at the Alpenrausch: 1 Euro Party. Well then… we slept in the car in front of the Alpenrausch and I got up just in time to get to the park and help the UMF and Bikepark Bischofsmais Team to decorate our stand. I spent the days meeting old and new friends, hanging out at the UMF, Halo or Adidas Eyewear stand, watching the downhill ladies and the slopestyle guys, resting my injured hand and enjoying the sun and a little tan!

Michael Schmitz (Ison Distribution) organised an appartment for the HALO team riders (Sam Pilgrim, Flo Konietzko, David Theisen, Pat Campbell-Jenner and myself). Thanks Michael and I hope your foot gets better soon! On Monday I had a little chat with Steffie Teltscher, Leoni Dickerhoff and Miriam Ruchti on the Bischofsmais bus in “Diddies Corner”. They told me about their newly created worldcup team DR Gravity Union. I will tell you more about it in my blog at mtb-freeride.tv.. so stay tuned!

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