Bavarian Downhill Championship

So, time for a little update. A week ago I went to Osternohe, where I would have my first race of the season. Training started on Saturday already, but I decided to get there on Sunday so I could sleep at home in my bed instead of a sleeping bag in a tent . On Sunday we had perfect wheather conditions and I started to get motivated!

I was surprised to see the new track which was very different to the track two weeks earlier. It had fun drops and it was a bit longer than before, which I liked a lot. So I checked out the lines in my first runs… it was already in my second run that I crashed in a berm which I took a bit too fast. My finger hurt but I thought it was nothing serious and I could rest until the seeding run. Then I went to the paramedics to get cooling packs and they said I could forget the race for that day as it looked as if my finger was broken. So I went to the hospital nearby and they

confirmed that I had broken my finger. My friends drove me back to the race and I cheered for the other girls. Now I will have to make a little brake for about 4 weeks. That means that I will miss the next race of the German IXS Downhill Cup in Winterberg and probably the Wheels of Speed in Willingen. I’ll keep you posted.


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