Sympatex Bike Festival in Riva del Garda

Last weekend I was at the Bike Festival in Riva. It was so much fun! The 3 days with beautiful weather went by waaay to fast. The UMF crew picked me up with a bus that attracted some attention as you can imagine, and we arrived on Thursday evening, later we had dinner together with the team.

Our breakfast cuttlery on Friday was very exotic – we used tire iron for the butter because we forgot the knives! 🙂

Then I went around to see friends and sponsors. EVOC’s booth was always very crowded and I got so much positive feedback and questions about my bike travel bag. And almost everyone seemed to be wearing their backpacks at the festival!

I also checked out the new goggles and sunglasses at ADIDAS EYEWEAR… hot! Later I got my brakes pimped at the HAYES booth and my dérailleur got itself a nice little pressie: GORE Ride On sealed low friction cable system….rarrrrrrr!

In the afternoon I went with UMF team colleagues Hannes and Roland for two super quick rides down Monte Brione, which was good to get used to the bike. It’s such a difference for me to ride my bike in a park compared to freeride… In the evening Bobby Root was challenged by Arne Tschugg in long distance jupms – they went as far as 22 meters I think! Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the dirt contest and Tanja’s podium victory at the 4X…(congrats!!)

On Saturday we had another beautiful day and drove up to ride a trail that was a bit more technical but perfect to start the season. Afterwards we treated ourselves with ice cream. Saturday night was…. madness!

Sunday morning I was a bit tired, but got up early to have my fork fixed at the Marzocchi booth, merci!! And then my highlight of the entire trip – I booked a tour with 15 people, amongst them Thomas Vanderham and Richie Schley, a tour guide and a local who showed us an amazing super fun flowy trail with some technical sections but so much fun to ride.

I haven’t had so much fun riding in a long time!  (Ok, this is about my 3rd time riding this year, so my previous rides are quite easy to top). I really love my bike and entire gear – especially my new SPEEDSTUFF carbon helmet, you just don’t notice you’re wearing it. Same with the elbow and knee pads, they are so comfortable!

Hm.. what else? I think that was pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed reading this.. thanks!

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